Local Rules

Welcome to Türlersee, a gem with magical and mystical allure.

Since 1934, the 'Türlersee Schutzverband' (Protection Association) has been dedicated to preserving and maintaining this beautiful nature reserve located near Zurich.

Please observe the following rules on and in the water and help protect this nature reserve and all its inhabitants:

  • Please maintain a distance of 25 meters from the shore and shoreline vegetation (such as reeds and water lilies). 
  • The protection zones marked with yellow buoys may not be entered with boats or floats. Swimming in the protection zone is also not permitted.
  • The seven piers around the lake are not for mooring boats, but to be used by experienced fishermen and nature observers only.
  • Rowing boats, paddleboards, and all types of inflatable swimming aids can only be launched and retrieved at the boat ramps in Türlersee Badi (Horn) and Aeugster Bay (Hunde Badi). Getting in the water has priority over getting out of the water
  • Any form of motorized propulsion is strictly prohibited on, in, and above Türlersee, including drones, motorized model boats, sailboats, e-foils, wing foils, motor pumps, and even paddle boats.
  • When swimming, please only enter the water using the three designated bathing zones: the Badi Türlen (at the camping grounds), Aeugster Bay (Hundewiese), and the stone steps at Hexengraben. 
  • Please use only one of the eleven designated fire pits found around Türlersee for grilling.
In a nature reserve, such as Türlersee, it is generally forbidden to make noise, pick plants, dig them up or harvest their seeds. Feeding, catching, and keeping animals and birds (without permission) is also prohibited. Protecting nature is a must here.

It's wonderful for you to be able to enjoy the nature here without disrupting it. Please leave it as you found it.

If you have any questions about the Türlersee and the nature reserve, please feel free to ask us at the SUP station at the Badi Türlen.


Below you will find the protection ordinances from Türlersee (in German) for download: